Rice with mixed vegetables and Korean chilli paste

BibimbapBigBibimbap is made of steamed rice, assorted “Namul” (cooked and seasoned vegetables). This dish is vegetarian heaven; they might top with a choice of fried tofu, fermented Kimchi (Chinese cabbage) or cooked and seasoned mushrooms.

Even non vegetarians love this dish, they can top with seasoned beef, or chicken, or seafood such as prawns or squid and a fried egg. You cannot disappoint with this dish whatever you add. Some people garnish with finely cut toasted sesame seaweed.

The dish is fresh, healthy and tasty and it is fun for children since they can mix the ingredients to their own preference.  
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Jjin Kimchi Mandu

Kimchi dumplings with vinegar soy dipping sauce

Mandu (dumplings/spring rolls) are a versatile dish so they can be filled with only vegetables or with fish or meat with vegetables. There are many diverse ways of cooking mandu such as pan fried,deep fried, steamed and added to a soup.
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Mak Kimchi

(Chinese or Naba Cabbage)


Kimchi is THE most popular Korean dish. It is made of fermented vegetables with a variety of different spices.

As  Kimchi  gets older, fermentation creates the different levels of flavours; at the beginning for the first  2-3 days, it is salty and spicy but as time goes on, it produces a vinegary sharpness  and the spiciness becomes milder and even sweet. Therefore old Kimchi is the best ingredient for use in Korean stews, soups and pancakes.

Cambridge is a very small city and you can get around easily by bike or foot. It attracts a wide range of people, often students and academics, from all over the world. However there is only one tiny Korean supermarket well outside the town centre. Their range is limited because they sell other oriental food too so this does not satisfy fans of Korean food. So for these reasons, I have tried to find very similar ingredients from an English supermarket.
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Gamja and Goguma Jeon

Potato and sweet potato pancake

Too easy! Too simple! Two familiar ingredients!

In Korea, we have so many different types of “Jeon” (pancakes).

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are normally to be found in a Korean larder so this dish is a great snack for hungry children. It was traditionally very popular with farmers who often feel very hungry between lunch time and dinner time.
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Dak galibi (Spicy Grilled Chicken)


Try this top-rated chicken recipe. “Dak galibi” (Spicy Grilled Chicken) is one of the number one dishes and restaurants specialising in only this dish are franchised throughout Korea.

Dak galibi was originally a local specialty in the city of Chunceon, near the capital Seoul. This city holds a major food festival each year called “Chunchon Makkuksu and Dak galbi” with Makkuksu being a type of noodle.

In Korean “Dak” means chicken and “galibi” means ribs but as far as I know chickens don’t have ribs as such. In Korea we use all parts of ckicken meat but since I prefer only to use chicken breast this is what is in my dish.
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Chungmu Kimbap

ChungmuBigThis dish is another quick way of making kimbap.  There is no need for any fillings unlike kimbap. You just need  seasoned  rice with sesame oil and a pinch of salt rolled or sandwiched in seaweed.

This dish is a famous local speciality in Tongyoung, a coastal city in South Korea that previously was called Chungmu, hence the name of this dish.

The dish is always served with either marinated squid or baby octopus together with radish kimchi but you might have any of my dishes such as my cabbage and carrot kimchi or mu saengchae or oi muchim

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Godeungeo Gui

Pan-fried Mackerel in spicy say glaze

Slice all the vegetables before start to cook the fish.
Place the mackerel on some flour with the exposed white side downwards and the skin upwards.  Don’t use flour on the skin since it will char during cooking.Before putting the mackerel in the frying pan, shake off any excess flour.

Pan fry for the mackerel on the skin side down first for 2-3 minutes turn over for a further 2-3 minutes until golden brown all over and cooked through.
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Korean Fried Chicken

Try this dish; this is much healthier than KFC!

Breadcrumbs are important is creating the texture for fried chicken and for me, the Korean style breadcrumbs are the best.

So how are Korean breadcrumbs different to the English variety?

In Korea, we use the Japanese style of breadcrumbs “Pang Garu”  called in Japanese “Panko” which are made from crust-less bread whereas English breadcrumbs are not.

I have tried a lot of times to use both types of breadcrumbs for fried chicken, vegetables or fish. I have found that Korean breadcrumbs are much lighter, crunchier, stick better, cooks a more golden brown colour and retains its crispiness longer.  This also gives a less heavy and oily feel to the dish.

So whilst I would recommend using  breadcrumbs Korean style breadcrumbs this time I used the English style so it might be a little heavier then is ideal.
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Gamja Jorim (Glazed potatoes in soy sauce)

There are a lot of ways to cook potatoes; mashed, boiled, stuffed, baked, fried, roasted, grilled and salad. Here I want to add glazed potatoes in soy sauce to the list!Potatoes and onions are common combination in Korean vegetable dishes. This dish is so simple to prepare and needs few ingredients.“Gamja Jorim” will not only fill your hungry guests’ tummies but also be kind to your wallet too.

Prepared properly this dish is very visually appetizing. This is very tasty so make only a small amount so that your guests will still be hungry enough to eat your next course.

Follow the recipe carefully.

I think the chicken stock is very important. I used half a cube of “Knorr” brand chicken stock for this dish.
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