Mak Kimchi

(Chinese or Naba Cabbage)


Kimchi is THE most popular Korean dish. It is made of fermented vegetables with a variety of different spices.

As  Kimchi  gets older, fermentation creates the different levels of flavours; at the beginning for the first  2-3 days, it is salty and spicy but as time goes on, it produces a vinegary sharpness  and the spiciness becomes milder and even sweet. Therefore old Kimchi is the best ingredient for use in Korean stews, soups and pancakes.

Cambridge is a very small city and you can get around easily by bike or foot. It attracts a wide range of people, often students and academics, from all over the world. However there is only one tiny Korean supermarket well outside the town centre. Their range is limited because they sell other oriental food too so this does not satisfy fans of Korean food. So for these reasons, I have tried to find very similar ingredients from an English supermarket.
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