Garlic chive savoury pancake. See all the ingredients here you can use less or more.

See how I made kimchi pancakes here.

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi pancake)

KimchiJeonBigKimchi is made of Chinese cabbage with a variety of different spices and is allowed to slightly ferment. The flavour of Kimchi is intensely chilli, slightly salt and the fermentation adds a tangy vinegar taste. Although it is wonderful with a bowl of rice, many Koreans enjoy using older Kimchi as an ingredient of stews, noodles, Kimbap (California roll) and pancakes (Jeon).Kimchi Jeon is the most popular Anju (which we all know by now means the type of side dish that accompanies alcoholic beverages) in Korea. Continue reading “Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi pancake)”

Gamja and Goguma Jeon

Potato and sweet potato pancake

Too easy! Too simple! Two familiar ingredients!

In Korea, we have so many different types of “Jeon” (pancakes).

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are normally to be found in a Korean larder so this dish is a great snack for hungry children. It was traditionally very popular with farmers who often feel very hungry between lunch time and dinner time.
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