Temple Kimbap

Many years ago, I had a chance to learn about temple food for 2 months from a famous monk-chef in Korea. One of his teachings was what we eat and when we eat is very important. In the morning, eat light food like porridge, for lunch have solid food, a full meal but asmall amount….

Kimchi guk(soup or stew)

  In Korea if there is No Kimchi, then there is No meal! For breakfast, lunch and dinner all year round it is on your dining table. This means that a Kimchi refrigerator is a key appliance in Korean homes. I haven’t yet seen someone who hasn’t got one in their house. Kimchi is the…

Yakitori (Skewered Grilled Chicken)

Yakitori is a Japanese dish and a very popular Anju dish served in Korean bars. It consists of chicken, vegetables and seafood on bamboo skewers, grilled on charcoal and smothered in a sweet soy sauce. Any part of the chicken can be used (except for its head) but I’ll only use breast!.

Jjin Kimchi Mandu

Kimchi dumplings with vinegar soy dipping sauce Mandu (dumplings/spring rolls) are a versatile dish so they can be filled with only vegetables or with fish or meat with vegetables. There are many diverse ways of cooking mandu such as pan fried,deep fried, steamed and added to a soup.

Tofo With Kimchi

Just simple fried Tofu cut with a pastry cutter and served with stir-fried Kimchi. I will post my latest Kimchi recipe soon.

Tofu and Prisoners

The Story of Prison and Tofu Did you know that when prisoners are released from a jail in South Korea, they are always given fresh tofu to eat at the prison gates by their families? I found the reason for this is the blog of a Korean Prisoner Officer. When Korea was ruled as an…

Deep fried Tofu in Spicy Sweet and Tangy Sauce

Removing the excess moisture from the tofu is the key to achieving crispy fried tofu. You can use any firm tofu. I bought mine from a Korean supermarket but I also use it from Waitrose. I find Waitrose’s tofu is much firmer than most Korean ones. Place the tofu block on either a bamboo mat…

Tofu Jorim (Pan fried Tofu in Soy and Chilli Powder sauce)

Jorim refers to dishes made of meats, seafood, vegetables or tofu in a mixed sauce cooked by simmering for a time.  The sauce for Jorim is mainly  Ganjang (soy sauce). In olden times in Korea during the hot summer weather this salty soy sauce could prevent food going bad. You can buy Tofu from any…