Gochujang Yangnyum Bibimbap

You need gochujang Yangnyum. Cooked rice All you will do is finely sliced vegetables(carrots, pointed cabbage(cabbage), onions, leeks, potatoes(optional), cucumber, peppers, bulgogi for nonvegans, for the vegans  fried tofu(temple kimbap), shiitake mushrooms or just Gochujang Yangnyum Stir fry  each vegetable(except cucumber) for 20-30 seconds.    

Jjin Kimchi Mandu

Kimchi dumplings with vinegar soy dipping sauce Mandu (dumplings/spring rolls) are a versatile dish so they can be filled with only vegetables or with fish or meat with vegetables. There are many diverse ways of cooking mandu such as pan fried,deep fried, steamed and added to a soup.