Spaghetti Pasta with Korean Chilli sauce

Spaghetti Pasta Big
Here I tried Italian spaghetti instead of Korean noodles and it works very well, and was very tasty.Traditionally, there are many, many types of noodles in Korea.For example, “Dangmyeon” is made from sweet potato starch and is used in a special dish is called “Japchae”.“Memil guksu” is made from buckwheat and it is similar to Japanese soba noodles.

“Naengmyeon” (cold buckwheat noodles) can be eaten either mixed with spices and some vegetables (bibim naengmyeon) or in a cold soup of variety of pickled swedes and vegetables in the pickling liquid.

For my dish, I had to use instant noodles Rameon or Jiolmyeon (similar to bibim naengmyeon but the noodles are more chewy they should be).


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