Yang Nyum Tong Dak (Fried chicken in Spicy sauce)

Yang  Nyum Tong Dak Big

What can I say about this food? I personally didn’t like any fried or spicy food at all before I married. My marriage has changed even my eating habits.

This is one of the most characteristic home-delivered food in Korea, you can order from the afternoon until early morning 3-4 am and they will delivery beer too if we ask.

I think Korean fried chicken is similar to any other recipe. However I find that the batter flour that I buy from my local Korean supermarket is much crispier.

Spicy sauce is a very different matter. I have made this sauce 3 times since I have started this everyday dinner blog and I have written down the recipe so I hope that I can share and enjoy this most popular dish with a glass of beer.


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