Pajeon Pancakes and Deep Fried Tofu

With Little Gem Lettuce and Light Soy Sauce with Wasabi ( Vegetarian dish)

Pajeon Pancakes and Deep Fried Tofu
Pajeon is type of Korean vegetable pancake and also called ‘Boochu jeon’. The main ingredient is trimmed salad onions or leeks with some chives.

In Korea we use vegetable called  ‘Boochu’  and you can buy it from a Korean supermarket  for around £2 allowing you to make 6 – 8 portions.

Deep Fried Tofu – please check my recipe for Deep Fried  Tofu.

In Gwangju city (the provincial capital of South Jeolla Do) there are many small restaurants that only sell deep fried food such as fishcake, mixed vegetables or  mixed meats served with assorted lettuce leaves.

You can dip a fried Tofu cube into the small sauce pot then wrap it with a lettuce leaf and eat it.


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