I am back!


I am back. It has been a long time since I last updated my blog.

My new adventure just has started to study about anthropology of Korean food as well as teaching Korean cookery in Cambridge beginning 25th of May https://cambridgecookery.com/

I will be updating some of my previous blog posts and I will add more about Korean food and the stories behind it.

The UK has adopted Indian curry as a national dish. We know that the Portuguese discovered India but it was Britain that brought spice to the World.

So what about Korean Gochu (chilli)?


It is commonly thought that the Portuguese introduced this red chilli to Korea. However, Koreans have been planting and harvesting Gochu for the last 1,500 years. So now the English want to taste Korean dishes that use a lot of fermented chilli pastes and chilli powder.

My first cookery class will be a Korean Barbeque menu

So-galbi-gui-grilled short beef ribs marinated with fresh pear and soju

Buchu-jeon– little garlic chives savoury pancake and its sticky, infused soy sauce/vegetarian

Banchan-side dishes

  1. Kong-namul – crispy soy bean sprouts with natural soy sauce  and sesame oil / Bibim bab side dish/vegetarian
  2. Mu-saengchae-spicy mooli salad / Bibim bab side dish/vegetarian
  3. Kimchi/Bibim bab/vegetarian

Naeng-myeon– chilled summer bibim noodles with pear, pickled cucumber, mooli and boiled egg (optional)/ vegetarian



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